Smart home systems and building automation

How we helped Inovativa with our full web process to design their website from scratch to be aligned with their target audience.
iNovativa - Laptop and mobile design



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The challenge

Inovativa wanted to enter in a newly developing market with smart home systems and automations. Their major challenge was the look and feel of the website to be aligned with the audience and the product specifications.

The main challenge which Inovativa had was strategically built their new website with the latest web standards and communicating effectively towards their target audience.

iNovativa - Desktop design shown

The solution

We designed Inovativa's website with a luxurious feel in order to communicate their brand values for premium service. The website structure and content was well planned for their future marketing activities and the UX was oriented toward their audience.

Through the Development phase we created advanced custom fields for easier content management and population for Inovativa.

iNovativa - Mobile Design showniNovativa - Mobile Design showniNovativa - Mobile Design shown


iNovativa - Typography






The result

We created a brand and an online concept of their business to position the company on the market. Now they have a user-friendly website that communicates their brand values with easy navigation and unique identity

iNovativa - Responsive design across all devices


Founder / CEO

Thank you for the wonderful website that you have created for us. The communication and process with you was great. I really appreciate the effort and hard work you put into our project and how you manage to fulfill all of our marketing, business and creative needs in a website that has a clear concept, structure and visual direction. I also learned a lot from you which will definitely help me in the future

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